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Funds : Technology transfer companies of Universities

These companies manage patents and commercial applications that emanate from academic research in universities.

Ariel UniversityAriel University Research and Development Company 03.9755885
Bar-Ilan UniversityBar-Ilan Research and Development Company 03.5318441
Ben Gurion UniversityB.G. Negev Technologies and Applications Ltd. 08.6461908
Hebrew UniversityHadasit, Technology Transfer Company of Hadassah Hospitals 02.6778757
Hebrew UniversityYissum Research Development Company 02.6586688
Technion - IITBioRap Technologies 04.6797263
Technion - IITTechnion Research and Development Foundation 04.8231219
Tel Aviv UniversityRamot Technology Transfer Company 03.6406608
University of HaifaCarmel - University of Haifa Economic Corporation 04.8288500
Weizmann InstituteYeda Research and Development Company 08.9470617