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List of Software Companies that specialize in storage technologies.

Anobit Technologies - (972).9.9549560

Memory Signal Processing technology that improves the endurance, performance and cost of flash storage referred to as multilevel cell flash or MLC. Genesis SSDs for network and server attached storage based on consumer-grade NAND flash chips.

Kaminario - (972).72.222.4488

High performance all solid-state SAN storage solutions. Scale-out Performance Storage Architecture (SPEAR) uses a mix of solid-state media (DRAM and Flash) and the Kaminario SPEAR storage to create a fast, highly available and easy to deploy SAN system.

SanDisk - (972).9.7645000

Flash memory data storage products for electronic systems and digital devices. Originally M-Systems Flash Disk, inventor of DiskOnChip single-chip flash disks with full read/write disk emulation.

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