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List of Internet Service Providers in Israel.

Formula Telecom Solutions (FTS) - (972).9.9526500

Business control, billing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions for communications service providers. Integrated Call Center Solutions (ICCS). CRM, Computer Telephone Integration (CTI), Interactive Voice, Response (IVR), etc.

Or Yehuda
Friendly Technologies - (972).3.7539000

Design and development of multi-bandwidth infrastructure software for Customer Care geared to leading broadband communication service providers, cable companies, Telcos, ISPs, and CLECs.

MIND CTI - (972).4.9936666

Global provider of billing, customer care, accounting and management solutions for voice, data and IP services. Customers include worldwide leading carriers servicing millions of subscribers using wireless, broadband and wireline communication services.

MTS - (972).9.7777555

Operations Support Systems (OSS). Telecommunications management and customer care and billing serving enterprises and service providers.

Mobile Tornado - (972).9.9581150

IPRS (IP Radio Service) technology enables instantaneous two-way radio communication with unlimited international and roaming capabilities over 2.5-3G networks. MT Platform, enables integrating voice into existing mobile Internet applications.

Ping Mobile - (972).8.9153301

Running mobile marketing campaigns. Mobile advertising. Customer Resource Management (CRM).

Sandvine Israel - (972).2.5400980

Developer of PacketCable Multimedia (PCMM)-based software solutions for broadband cable operators to deliver media-rich IP applications and services such as SIP telephony, video streaming, on-line gaming, and video conferencing. Formerly Cablematrix.

SoliCall - (972).72.2220773

Software solutions for improving audio quality in telephony. The technology can be embedded in communication devices or connected to VoIP networks (plug-and-play).

Tel Mond
Teoco - (972).3.9269700

Telecom Resource Management (TRM) solutions to optimize and manage wireless carrier network resources.

Rosh Ha'ayin
Viaccess-Orca - (972).9.7699444

VO Purple multi-standard DRM platform that addresses PCs, tablets, smartphones and smart TVs. VO RiGHTv – Service Delivery Platform for Over-the-top (OTT) TV. Card-based conditional access solutions (CAS) for TV service models including video-on-demand.