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@ Avionics Companies - (972).

List of companies that manufacture Avionics systems for combat aircraft.

Aeromaoz - (972).3.6954261

Manufacturer of illuminated display and control systems for military and commercial / business aircraft, armed personnel carriers. Night Vision Imaging System. Control panels, display bezels.

Tel Aviv
Aeronautics Defense Systems - (972).8.9433600

Aerostar Unmanned Air Vehicle System (UAV). Orbiter for over the hill reconnaissance missions with camera guided flight. SeaStar unmanned surface vehicle for harbor and strategic facility protection, command from maritime platform or ground station.

BIRD Aerosystems - (972).9.9725700

Airborne Missile Protection System (AMPS) provides protection against all known Surface to Air Missiles (SAM) including MANPADS, Laser Beam Rider threats and radar-guided missiles. World-class aviation logistics services to large-scale commercial and governmental customers.

Elbit Military Aircraft - (972).4.8315315

Aircraft upgrades, helicopter upgrades, avionics systems, unmanned airborne vehicles, naval combat systems integration, combat vehicle upgrades, simulators, security systems, helmet mounted systems, electro-optical systems (el-op subsidiary).

Steadicopter - (972).4.9592959

Steadicopter designs and manufactures Rotary Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Black Eagle Rotary Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (RUAV) is a robotic observation system for civil, military, and homeland security missions to provide surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR). Black Eagle 50 system has been authorized for commercial use in civilian airspace by the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel (CAAI).

Migdal HaEmek
UVision Air - (972).9.7496822

UVision designs, manufactures cost-effective, unmanned aerial loitering munition systems for customers worldwide. Hero family of systems ranges from miniature tactical to larger operational loitering munitions for air, land and naval platforms. Advanced airborne guidance and navigation systems, precision attack munitions and C4 stations fully integrated with communication links.

Zur Yigal
XTEND - (972).

Skylord drone system uses augmented reality and a single-handed controller to confront attack drones targeting troops. C-UAS (Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems) protection of sensitive government facilities.

Bnei Brak