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Sephardic Chief Rabbi calling for compliance with the Ministry of Health regulationsMinistry of Health2020-05-08
Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi calling for the public not to attend the yearly Lag Baomer celebrations at MironMinistry of Health2020-05-08
Report on the current status of COVID-19 pandemic and exit strategyPrime Minister Netanyahu2020-05-04
Summary of the activities of the Ministry of Health since the beginning of Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemicMinistry of Health2020-05-03
Video showing how to put on the face maskMinistry of Health2020-04-30
חטיבת המרכזים הרפואיים הממשלתיים מצדיעה לצוותים בבתי החולים הממשלתיים על המסירות ההשקעהמשרד הבריאות2020-04-29
Police helicopter surveying main highways around Jerusalem and Tel Aviv on the Memorial DayPolice2020-04-28