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Government : Prime Ministers of Israel

Prime Minister is nominated by the President and approved by the Knesset, based on the results of the general elections. Only in 1999 the Prime Minister was elected by a separate ballot. This reform was eliminated based on the results of elections that led to the increased representation of smaller parties.

List of Governments and Prime Ministers
No.KnessetPrime MinisterStart Date
3420Benjamin Netanyahu2015-03-17
3319Benjamin Netanyahu2013-03-18
3218Benjamin Netanyahu2009-03-31
3117Ehud Olmert2006-05-04
3016Ariel Sharon2003-02-27
2915Ariel Sharon2001-03-07
2815Ehud Barak1999-07-06
2714Benjamin Netanyahu1996-06-18
2613Shimon Peres1995-11-22
2513Yitzhak Rabin1992-07-13
2412Yitzhak Shamir1990-06-11
2312Yitzhak Shamir1988-12-22
2211Yitzhak Shamir1986-10-20
2111Shimon Peres1984-09-13
2010Yitzhak Shamir1983-10-10
1910Menachem Begin1981-08-05
189Menachem Begin1977-06-20
178Yitzhak Rabin1974-06-03
167Golda Meir1974-03-10
157Golda Meir1969-12-15
146Golda Meir1969-03-17
136Levi Eshkol1966-01-12
125Levi Eshkol1964-12-22
115Levi Eshkol1963-06-26
105David Ben Gurion1961-11-02
94David Ben Gurion1959-12-17
83David Ben Gurion1958-01-07
73David Ben Gurion1955-11-03
62Moshe Sharett1955-06-29
52Moshe Sharett1954-01-26
42David Ben Gurion1952-12-24
32David Ben Gurion1951-10-08
21David Ben Gurion1950-11-01
11David Ben Gurion1949-03-10