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Higher Education : Colleges in Israel

Institutions of higher education in Israel are classified into three major groups by the Council for Higher Education:

  1. Universities and Institutes with doctoral degree programs
  2. Academic and Regional colleges with undergraduate degree programs
  3. Teacher Training Colleges - Colleges of Education that grant B. Ed. degree

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Academic and Regional Colleges

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Academic Center of Law and BusinessRamat-Gan03.6000800
Academic College of Tel Aviv-JaffaTel Aviv03.5211842
Afeka - Tel Aviv Academic College of EngineeringTel Aviv1.800.373710
Ashkelon Academic CollegeAshkelon08.6789111
Azrieli College of EngineeringJerusalem02.6588000
Bezalel Academy of Arts and DesignJerusalem02.6253121
Hadassah CollegeJerusalem02.6291911
Holon Institute of TechnologyHolon03.5026500
Interdisciplinary CenterHerzliya09.9527272
Israel College of Applied ScienceRishon LeZion03.9634001
Jerusalem Academy of Music and DanceJerusalem02.6759911
Jerusalem College of Technology (Machon Lev)Jerusalem02.6751117
Kinneret Academic CollegeJordan Valley04.6653710
Neri Bloomfield Academy of Design and EducationHaifa04.8562555
Netanya Academic CollegeNetanya09.8607777
Ono Academic CollegeKiryat Ono03.5311861
Ort Braude CollegeKarmiel04.9901911
Ort College for Teachers of Technology (Singalovsky)Tel Aviv03.6302345
Peres Academic CenterRehovot08.9390520
Ruppin Academic CenterEmek Hefer09.8983030
Sapir Academic CollegeHof Ashkelon08.6802802
Shaarey Mishpat College of LawHod HaSharon09.7405799
Shalem CollegeJerusalem02.5605555
Shamoon College of EngineeringBeer-Sheva08.6475603
Shenkar College of Engineering and DesignRamat-Gan03.6110000
Technological College of Beer ShevaBeer-Sheva08.6462222
Tel-Hai CollegeTel-Hai04.6900888
Western Galilee CollegeAcre04.9015118
Yehuda Regional CollegeKiryat Arba02.9963010
Yizrael Valley CollegeEmek Yizrael04.6423436
Zefat CollegeZefat04.6927704
Zinman College for Physical Education and Sports
(Wingate Institute)


Teacher Training Colleges

Achva College of EducationBeer-Tuvia1.800.252527
Arab College for EducationHaifa04.8303500
Beit Berl CollegeBeit Berl09.7476333
Bloomfield Academy of Design and EducationHaifa04.8562554
David Yellin College of EducationJerusalem02.6558111
Efrata College of EducationJerusalem1.800.800204
Emuna College of EducationJerusalem02.6733767
Givat Washington College of EducationGivat Washington08.8511900
Gordon College of EducationHaifa04.8590111
Hemdat College of EducationNetivot08.9937666
Herzog Teacher's College at Yeshivat Har EtzionAlon Shvut02.9937333
Jerusalem College MichlalaJerusalem02.6750911
Kaye College of EducationBeer-Sheva08.6402777
Kibbutzim College of EducationTel Aviv03.6901200
Levinsky College of EducationTel Aviv03.6902444
Lifsihz Religious College of EducationJerusalem02.5679567
Mofet - Consortium of Colleges of Education03.9001333
Ohalo College of EducationKatzrin04.6825000
Oranim Academic College of EducationTivon04.9838811
Orot Yisrael College - ElkanaElkana03.9061207
Shaanan Academic Religious Teachers' Training CollegeHaifa04.8780000
Talpiot College of EducationTel Aviv03.5128540