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The price of an old car

Proud father congratulated his daughter, who finished her degree with high honors and told her, "You know, I purchased a car many years ago and kept it in the garage. Now, I'd like to give it to you as a graduation present. But, first, you have to take the car to the used car park lots downtown and ask them how much they're offering you for this car."

After driving it downtown and visiting used car lots, the daughter returned to her father and said they offered her at most $1,000 for this old car.

The father told his daughter, "Don't get discouraged. Now take the car to a garage and see how much they offer you for the car."

The daughter followed her father's advice, but came back discouraged as she said that she was offered at most $100 for this old car.

The father comforted her and said, "Don't get discouraged. There is a classic car club for this model. Drive the car to their showroom and ask to receive an offer for your car."

This time the daughter returned with a big smile as she was offered up to $100,000 for her car.

The father then told her daughter, "Take the car it's yours. But remember the most valuable lesson. Only the right place will appreciate you in the right way. If you're not appreciated, don't get discouraged. It means you're in the wrong place." Whoever knows your value will appreciate you.

Never stay where no one can understand your value!

Source: From social media, translated from a story in Hebrew.