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Israel Science and Technology Homepage is the national database and directory of science and technology-related websites in Israel. The site also includes sections on Jewish scientists and students in the Diaspora.

I established the first version of this site during my term (1996-1999) as The Science Adviser to the Prime Minister, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu. Since then, I have expanded the site greatly voluntarily.

The site design is aimed to provide easy, rapid, and uncluttered access to information. The links are periodically checked and updated. Much of the information on the site is organized in two general dimensions:

  1. By subject matter: e.g., chemistry, life sciences, etc.
  2. By type of organization: e.g., associations, companies, etc.

The content of each subject section is independent of others, and duplicate listing of links is avoided. If you can not locate a resource, please check related subjects or run a Search through the whole site.

We welcome your suggestions. Please use the Contact form to send a comment or to suggest a site for inclusion in the directory.

We hope that this website will be useful in your search for information.

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