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Website management

Software used in website management

HTML validation and Browser compatibility

This website was originally programmed in HTML 4.01, updated to XHTML 1.0 strict version in 2004, updated to HTML5 in 2010, and was re-written with responsive design to cover smartphone and tablet displays in 2017. HTML validity of each page is checked using the W3.ORG online HTML validation service.

The Cascading Style Sheet of the website is validated using online W3C CSS Validation Service.

Correct display of pages is checked for recent versions of four major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Opera.

Active Server Pages (ASP) and Open source software

This site was originally programmed using Microsoft Visual Basic VBScript. OASP is no longer fully supported and has been deprecated. In 2000 Microsoft declared .NET as the next generation platform for web services. The web software of Microsoft has been progressively going against open source web standards. Therefore I decided to move away from Microsoft products to open source software and Linux. Open source software can be more powerful, more space efficient and more reliable than Microsoft products that have been developing into bloatware dinosaurs. This website is hosted at a Linux server.

Site Design and editing

This site is edited using NoteTab Standard which is a powerful ASCII text editor of HTML files, and Bluefish editor.

Programs and utilities used for graphics editing:

Credits for images

In addition to these sources, on many pages there are images taken from different sources with credit noted on the page itself.

Site Statistics

Server log files were analyzed by Analog combined with QuickDNS utility for numerical IP address to full name conversion.