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DNS lookup Tools
Online ToolDescription
All-Nettools.ComNetwork tools include Whois, Traceroute, ping.
DNS CheckDNS checker traverses the DNS tree from the root examining all possible routes.
DNSstuffWhois and DNS lookup. Trace route, Ping. Spam database lookup.
Global Whois LookupGlobal domain ownership information.
IP AddressIP Locator. CIDR calculator. Whois IP. Email tracer.
VisualRouteGraphical traceroute and ping test to determine connectivity problems.
WHOIS search for .il domain namesIsrael Internet Society (.il) domain name registry.
Whois search - AmericaReverse DNS lookup for American registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)
Whois search - Asia PacificReverse DNS lookup for Asia Pacific Network Information Center (APNIC)
Whois search - EuropeReverse DNS lookup for Europe, Middle East and North Africa (RIPE)
Whois search - Latin America