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Medicine : related Government Offices

>> Citizens' rights in health related issues
HealthCommunity Genetics Unit03.5303548
HealthDepartment of Clinical Trials02.5080241
HealthDepartment of Environmental Health08.6241010
HealthDepartment of Epidemiology
(provides weekly reports)
HealthDepartment of Laboratories02.6551855
HealthDepartment of Pharmacy08.6241010
HealthDepartment of Public Health Laboratories02.6551855
HealthDepartment of Tuberculosis and AIDS02.5080450
HealthDivision of Dental Health02.6363730
HealthDivision of Mental Health02.5655969
HealthDrug registry02.6241010
HealthInstitute of Forensic Medicine03.5127878
HealthIsrael Center for Disease Control03.7371500
HealthIsrael National Cancer Registry02.6706818
HealthNational Council for Geriatrics
HealthNational Councils for Health
HealthNational Transplant Center*6262
HealthUnit for Licensing of Radiation equipment