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Cumulative number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection and the number of deaths in Israel.
Source: The daily reports of the Ministry of Health.

NOTE: The change in the slope of the curve started after March 27th - a month after the identification of the first two cases on February 27th.

At the beginning of May, the number of new daily confirmed cases started dropping below 50. On May 8, 2020, Ministry of Health announced a three step plan for the relaxation of restrictions on public gatherings. The lowest number of daily confirmed cases was observed on May 24th. But, because of the easing of the restrictions, the number of new daily confirmed cases started to increase. During July 2020, the number of new daily cases was in the range of ~1000-2400. In August, the number of new cases appear to be at a plateau. But, since the beginning of September, the number of new cases has been rising. This situation led the government to impose closure.

The conclusion from these statistics is that observance of the rules of hygiene and social distancing are necessary to control the spread of the pandemic.

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