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International Associations
Cognitive Science Society
EACEEuropean Association of Cognitive Ergonomics
EBPSEuropean Behavioural Pharmacology Society
EBBSEuropean Brain and Behaviour Society
EPFEuropean Psychoanalytical Federation
ESPPEuropean Society for Philosophy and Psychology
FENSFederation of European Neuroscience Societies
IAAPInternational Association of Applied Psychology
IBNSInternational Behavioral Neuroscience Society
IBROInternational Brain Research Organization
IEAInternational Ergonomics Association
NPSAInternational Neuropsychoanalysis Society
IPAInternational Psychoanalytical Association
ISPAInternational School Psychology Association
ISCPInternational Society for Comparative Psychology
ISDPInternational Society for Developmental Psychobiology
ISEPInternational Society for Ecological Psychology
ISRAInternational Society for Research on Aggression
ISPPInternational Society of Political Psychology
IUPsySInternational Union of Psychological Science
Society for Philosophy and Psychology

@ List of international association in other disciplines.