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Products, Fields of specialty
Achiasaf Publishing House - (972).9.8851390

School textbooks, dictionaries, education, travel guides in Hebrew, chess guides,family and parenthoof related books.

Am Oved Publishers - (972).3.6291526

Fiction, non-fiction, children's books, illustrated books, periodicals and textbooks.

Tel Aviv
Beit-El Library - (972).2.6427117

Publisher of books on Judaism and related subjects. Children's books.

Even Sapir
Bialik Institute Publishing House - (972).2.6797942

Publishing literary and scientific projects including the Biblical Encyclopedia, historiographical collections, "Dorot" series, research on the Bible, the Apocrypha and the Dead Sea Scrolls, etc.

Carmel Publishing House - (972).2.6540578

Publisher of scholarly studies in the fields of literary criticism, history, philosophy, politics and translation series such as Russian Classics.

Carta - The Israel Map and Publishing Company - (972).2.6783355

Publications about Holyland related topics including Jerusalem, Bible, and Temple. Electronic Products. Reference books, maps.

Eric Cohen Books - (972).

Publisher of English Language Teaching (ELT) materials, coursebooks, games, professional resource books.

Feldheim Publishers - (972).2.6513947

Books on Jewish subjects including Jewish law, Torah, Talmud, Jewish living, Sabbath and holidays, history and biography. Cookbooks on Kosher cooking.

Focus Computer Books - (972).1.700.700212

Computer books. Hebrew translations of English books from Que, Microsoft-Press, Peachpit, IDG and Samas. Internet, Windows, programming, graphics, databases, Office applications, hardware, teaching guides. Books from children to advanced levels.

Gefen Publishing House - (972).2.5380247

Publisher of books on Judaism and Hebrew studies textbooks in Hebrew and English from Israel. Classic children's books translated into Hebrew. Academic publishing house.

HebrewToday - (972).2.6436094

Publisher of Bereshit and Yanshuf newspapers in easy Hebrew for beginner and intermediate level readers. Biblical Hebrew books.

Hod-Ami Computer Books Publishers - (972).9.9564716

Computer books and magazines. Internet, networking, databases, graphics, programming languages, operating systems, information technology. Translated titles from English (QUE, Microsoft Press,IDG, NRP, Sybex, SAMS, John Wiley).

Keter Books - (972).

Publishing house for Israeli and translated literature, fiction, crime novels, science fiction, books for children and young adults, nonfiction, travelers' guides, cookbooks and works of reference.

Ben Shemen
Meemek Hevron - (972).2.9605631

Publisher of books and booklets on Biblical interpretation and children's books.

Kiryat Arba
OR-TAV Music Publications - (972).9.7679869

Publications include original compositions, arrangements of classical works, ethnic and educational music, collections of Israeli songs and books on musical topics. Distributor of sheet music published in Israel, CD's and cassettes.

Kfar Sava
Opus Press - (972).3.6814231

Computer books. Science fiction and fantasy books.

Tel Aviv
Oram Publishers - (972).3.5372277

Elementary to high school textbook publishing. Other subjects: Literature, biographies, psychology, popular medicine, translated fiction and non-fiction books.

Rosh Ha'ayin
Palphot - (972).9.9525252

Publisher of books about Israel and the Holy Land, Greeting cards, Stationery products, Calendars, Benchers with Zemirot.

Prolog Publishing House - (972).3.9022904

Bilingual Hebrew dictionaries in English, Francais, Espanol. Hebrew self-study audio-video courses and Hebrew phrase books.

Tel Aviv
Schocken Publishing House - (972).3.5610130

Publishing house specializing in Hebrew and world literature in a variety of disciplines including politics, Judaism, law, history, philosophy, economics and other social sciences.

Tel Aviv
Shibolet Press - (972).54.2969899

A publisher that has a monthly subscription service for new books, both in Hebrew and translated from other languages. Also publishes Hashiloach - an Israeli journal for thought and policy.

Tel Aviv
Sifriat Poalim Publishing - (972).3.5785810

Hebrew literature, Jewish thought and research, philosophy, science, contemporary educational thought, world's prose, poetry, children books, school books, art, other academic subjects.

Tel Aviv
Tirosh - (972).3.5662080

Specialty magazines, calendars.

Tel Aviv
Tzivonim Publishing - (972).2.5700996

Literature, poetry, academic subjects.

Mevaseret Zion
Urim Publications - (972).2.6797633

Publisher of Jewish classical and contemporary books. Bible commentary, Jewish and Israel Studies, Kosher cookbooks, Modern Biographies, Haggadah for Passover, Children's Illustrated Books.

Yediot Aharonot Book Publisher - (972).3.7683333

Encylopedias, dictionaries, art books, cooking books, medical subjects, politics, children's books, biographies, Jewish subjects etc.

Tel Aviv
eBookPro - (972).52.2777373

Publishing House and Literary Agency promoting books on Amazon. The company includes translators, editors, designers and digital marketing experts.