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ArticlesCiteSeerX - literature in computer and information science
ArticlesMathematical Reviews Database
ArticlesSoftware Engineering Digital Library
ArticlesSoftware Vulnerability Notes Database
DatabaseMckoi SQL Database
DirectoryComputer Portal in Hebrew
DirectoryComputer Science Societies, global list
DirectoryEric Weisstein's World of Mathematics (MathWorld)
DirectoryFormal Methods Wiki
DirectoryFree Software Resources
DirectoryMacTutor History of Mathematics archive
DirectoryMachine and Deep Learning Israel
DirectoryMathematics Genealogy Project
DirectoryOffice Frustration for users of Microsoft Office applicationas
DirectoryOpen GApps - Open-source effort to script automatic generation of Google Apps
DirectoryPetri IT Knowledgebase on Microsoft Windows Software
DirectoryPhil's Mathematics Page
ExercisesNumbernut - Introduction to mathematics
HistoryComputer History Museum
ImagesWindows Microsoft Office icons for Word, Excel, PowerPoint
Journal abstractsComputer Science Bibliographies
Journal abstractsComputer Science Bibliography
Journal abstractsZentralblatt MATH Database
LinuxComplete Linux Kernel in a Single Map
LinuxLinux File System Structure Explained with Examples
LinuxLinux Online
LinuxPen Drive Linux on a USB flash memory stick
LinuxUbuntu Linux
PHPASP / PHP Cross Reference
PHPPHP Tutorial
ReferenceContinued fractions method of writing fractions
ReferenceDatabase of file extensions and the programs that use them
ReferenceEncyclopedia of Mathematics
ReferenceHandbook of Mathematical Functions With Formulas, Graphs, and Mathematical Tables (AMS55)
ReferenceMatrix Market: test data for use in comparative studies of algorithms for numerical linear algebra
ReferencePlatonic Realms Interactive Mathematics Encyclopedia
ReferenceTemplate Numerical Toolkit for scientific computing in C++
ReferenceTypography - TrueType Reference Manual
ReferenceTypography: OpenType specification
SoftwareBootDisks - PC Support Essential Utilities
SoftwareNumerical Recipes in C
SoftwarePortable Applications for USB drives
SoftwarePortable C++ source libraries
SoftwarePortable software applications that run from a USB device
SoftwareSparse Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms (BLAS) Library