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Adit - 077.5020696

Design and supply of fasteners and anchoring systems, mechanical or chemical, for concrete, block or steel. Chemical Anchor Chemfix.

Tel Aviv
BG (Israel) Technologies - 08.6874236

The company specializes in the development, production and marketing of adhesives, cladding, sealing and insulation solutions, Epoxy, decorative paints and coatings, acrylic adhesives for industry and more.

Beit Guvrin
GigaPixArt - 053.4301107

Printed gigapixel wall panels for kitchens, bathrooms, spas, restaurants, bars, hotels and hospitals. Aluminium ChromaLuxe panels serve as a protective wall covering that is waterproof and scratch resistant.

Haogenplast - 09.8980180

WinShield films for the lamination of window profiles, doors, window sills and other construction elements. PVC sheeting for use in awnings and canopies. PVC sheeting and liners for use in swimming pools. Thermoplastic roofing membranes.

Kibbutz Haogen
Klil - 4.9953164

Design and manufacture of aluminum windows, doors, curtain wall systems, shutters, railings, internal partitions, insulated systems. Painting without any chromatic substances. Also markets aluminum products and systems produced by ALCOA

Nesher - 08.9271430

Concrete production and marketing. Production plants in Haifa, Ramla, and Har-Tov.

Nior Glulam Wood Industries - 08.8568432

Nior Wood Industries is the first wood adhesion plant in Israel. In a unique process, Nior produces wooden beams glued in sections and up to 15 meters long according to standard dimensions and customized for each project. "Mature" eyes are removed, which can fly in a plan and weaken the beam.

Orbond - 03.6342853

Manufacture of building materials. Gypsum boards. Ceiling tiles. Parent company Knauf.

Or Yehuda
Phoenicia Flat Glass Industries - 4.6410222

Manufacturer of flat and pattern glass, as well as a wide variety of derived products including laminated safety glass, tempered glass and mirrors.

Trellidor - 1.700.505200

Manufacturer of steel and aluminum building elements. Window bars and grilles for homes and business premises. Bar designs include: folding; fixed in steel or aluminum metal grilles and bars to secure various types of openings. Pergolas - open-sided roof-like structure designed to protect an outdoor space such as a balcony, patio or terrace.

UltraWis - 077.8812230

WideSite provides a wide view of the construction site where multiple cranes can be operated from the ground. The image processing of the system stitches images to generate presentation of the full scenery without leaving dead-zones. The system alerts in case of a collision threat.

Versatile -

Developer of CraneView that is attached to the hook of construction site crane. The device includes cameras and sensors. By artificial intelligence it can determine the material lifted. The device also measures the load, weight, and motion of any material lifted, as well as tracking the time for rigging, unrigging, task, and idle time.

Tel Aviv

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