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National Service (שירות לאומי) is a voluntary alternative for enlistment in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Religious young women and males of enlistment age who have obtained examption from mandatory military service in IDF for personal or religious reasons can choose national service on a voluntary basis. The non-profit organizations listed below are involved in providing alternative frameworks for social service.

National Service Organizations in Israel
Sherut Leumi - Aluma02.5411351
Sherut Leumi - Aminadav02.6231052
Sherut Leumi - Bat Ami02.5411333
Sherut Leumi - Shilo04.8438690
Sherut Leumi - Shlomit03.6129202
Sherut Leumi - Volunteering organization for religious girls1.800.233133
Sherut Leumi - Zehut09.8910027