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List of organizations of associated with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Defense Associations
Almagor - Terror Victims Association054.8071882
Armored Corps Association08.9784315
Association for the Commemoration of the Fallen Soldiers of the IDF Signal Corps03.7376639
UFISAssociation for the Welfare of the Soldier072.2702222
Association of Civil-Military Studies in Israel055.9383211
Association of Graduates of 8200
Association of Israel Air Force Veterans09.9510250
Association of Israel Navy Veterans
Association of Ordnance Corps09.8655930
Association of Palmach Generation03.6416484
Association of Retired Workers of Refael052.6999117
Atalef Foundation of Shayetet 13 alumni03.6128666
Dolphin Israel Submariners Association
Duvdevan Unit Foundation
Egoz Unit Graduates
LehiFreedom Fighters of Israel Heritage Association03.6837582
Friends of Eli Cohen Memorial03.6744577
FIDFFriends of the Israel Defense Forces1.212.244.3118
Givati Brigade Association08.6611315
Golani Association - Veterans of the Golani Brigade052.6364888
Green Beret Association
IDSFHabithonistim-Israel Defense and Security Forum
Home of Artillery Corps04.6396573
IDF Orphans050.4060851
IDFWOIDF Widows and Orphans Organization03.6918403
Israel Air Force Association09.9510250
Israel Association of Former Prisoners of War (POWs)
Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Veterans Association, Tzevet03.6173500
IICCIsrael Intelligence Heritage and Commemoration Center03.5497019
Israeli Military and Secret Services Orphans' Organization03.5254978
JPEFJewish Partisan Educational Foundation415.563.2244
Leaders of the Pack Organization of Oketz Elite K-9 Unit of the IDF
Magen Laoref - Home-front Shield
Maglan Unit Veterans
MAHALMitnadvei Chutz L'Aretz - Overseaas Volunteers 03.6084502
Paratrooper's Heritage Association02.5326291
Torat Lehima052.7560148
Tzalash - An army for the sake of Hashem055.6654687
Yad-LaBanim - Association of Families of Fallen Soldiers03.5629351
ZDVOZahal Disabled Veterans Organization03.6461603
INZZahal Disabled Veterans Organization (Hebrew site)03.6461600

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