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Professional Associations in Israel

Non-profit organizations are regulated by the Israeli Corporations Authority (רשם העמותות וחל"צ) located in the Ministry of Justice. A registered organization (Amuta in Hebrew) has to submit a yearly report to the Registrar of Amutot. These reports can be viewed at GuideStar website, an online source of information on non-profit organizations.

Most of the associations listed in these pages are learned societies that represent an association of academics who specialize in a specific discipline. Activities of a learned society may include the organization of an annual conference for the presentation of scholarly research, distribution of periodic newsletters, and publication of an academic journal.

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DefenseDefense and military
DefenseNational service
Engineering and TechnologyArchitecture
Engineering and TechnologyBusiness, commerce and industry
Engineering and TechnologyEngineering
Engineering and TechnologyInternet
Engineering and TechnologyLand and real estate construction
Engineering and TechnologyTechnology
Engineering and TechnologyTransportation
Exact and Natural sciencesAstronomy
Exact and Natural sciencesChemistry
Exact and Natural sciencesComputer science and Mathematics
Exact and Natural sciencesEarth science
Exact and Natural sciencesPhysics
HumanitiesLanguage studies
JewishAliyah and olim
JewishJewish activists
JewishJewish students, International
JewishJewish students, USA
JewishJewish studies
JewishYouth organizations
Life sciencesAgriculture
Life sciencesBiology and Life sciences
Life sciencesDental
Life sciencesDisease oriented non-profit organizations (NGOs)
Life sciencesHealth sciences
Life sciencesMedical sciences
Other subjectsAcademic staff
Other subjectsGeneral science
Other subjectsMind sports games
Other subjectsMunicipal
Other subjectsPublishing
Social sciencesEconomics
Social sciencesInformation science
Social sciencesLabor studies
Social sciencesPolitical Science
Social sciencesPsychology
Social sciencesPublic Policy
Social sciencesSocial sciences
Social sciencesStatistics