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Health Sciences : Associations in Israel

AFMDAAmerican Friends of Magen David Adom1.212.757.1627
Animals and Society Association03.6406671
Association for Psychiatric Nursing in Israel04.8559385
Association for Public Health
Hatzalah Emergency Medical Service1.700.700.911
Israel Association for Medicinal Plants08.9404997
Israel Association of Teachers of the Alexander Technique03.5226172
ICOIsrael Council of Optometrists03.5602645
IDAIsrael Dietetic Association03.5251740
ISHLAIsrael Speech Hearing and Language Association03.9217815
Israeli Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine054.6310070
Israeli Oncology Nursing Society03.5307061
IPTSIsraeli Physiotherapy Society09.7421251
IRUIsraeli Radiographers Union03.6921221
ISOTIsraeli Society of Occupational Therapy03.6480736