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Tourism : Associations in Israel

Association of Museums and ICOM Israel03.9565977
Binyamin Tourism Association02.9979333
Carmelim Tourism Association04.8136240
Dead Sea Wonder of Nature08.9975010
Eilat Hotels Association08.6338034
Gush Etzion Tourism Authority02.9933863
Home Accommodation Association - Holiday Apartments in Jerusalem
Israel Association of Tourism Marketers
Israel Hostels, Network of independent hostels in Israel
Israel Incoming Tour Operator Association03.6299348
Israel Tour Guides Association03.6186411
Israel Youth Hostel Association02.6558400
Jerusalem Hotels Association
Jordan Valley Tourism Association02.9946658
Kibbutz Hotels Chain and Country Lodgings
Maayanot, Gilbos, Beit Shean Tourism Association04.6532854
Modiin Region Tourism Association03.9728999
Nazareth Culture and Tourism Association
Negev Tour08.6564184
Netanya Hotel Association09.8875871
Ramla Tourism08.9292650
Shomron Tourism Authority03.9066444
Tel Aviv Hotel Association
Valleys Tourist Board04.6520013
Yatir Region Tourism Association
Yoav Yehuda Tourism Association08.8502240