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Association of Certified Electricians
Association of Craft and Industry in Israel - Small Enterprises03.7959111
Association of Independent Businesses in Israel03.6242633
BioAbroad - Forum of Israeli Scientists Abroad1.917.341.5423
Building Materials and Consumer Goods Association
Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce03.5631010
GS1 Israel - Israel Association for Product Coding03.5198714
IIAInstitute of Internal Auditors in Israel03.5116617
IATIIsrael Advanced Technology Industries073.713.6313
IARCIsrael Amateur Radio Club03.5658203
IAESIIsrael Association of Electronics and Software Industries03.5198862
Israel Association of Woodturners
Israel Diamond Manufacturers Association03.6126485
Israel Export Institute03.5142830
Israel Food Industries Association
Israel Furniture Industries Association03.5198846
ISAIsrael Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society
IJMAIsrael Jewelry Manufacturers Association09.7650889
IMAIsrael Marketing Association03.5615310
Israel Materials and Processes Society
IMAIsrael Mobile Association
Israel Nanotechnology Initiative
IPSAIsrael Professional Safety Association08.8599301
ISQIsrael Society for Quality03.5568133
ITTNIsrael Tech Transfer Organization
ITCOIsrael Telecommunation Consultants Organization03.6244880
Israel Textile and Fashion Industries Association03.5198855
IAAIsraeli Acoustical Association09.9553858
Israeli Coaching Association
IMSIsraeli Metrological Society
ILTAMIsraeli Users' Association of Advanced Technologies for Design and Manufacturing in the Electronics Industry03.5118112
JBNFJerusalem Business Network Forum
KIAKibbutz Industries Association03.6955413
MIT Enterprise Forum - Israeli Chapter03.6405608
Manufacturers' Association of Israel03.5198833
Metal and Electrical Industries Association03.5198830
Project Management Institute - Israel
  Association of Project Managers
Public Trust03.5606069
UCAPSEUnion of Clerks, Administrative Public Service Employees