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Venture Capital Funds for Israeli Startup Companies
Venture Fund - Telephone
Fields of investment
83North - 09.9580007

Enterprise software, semiconductors and communications.

@ Technology Incubators -


ARBA Finance Company - 03.6964420

Computers, communications, internet.

Tel Aviv
Aleph - 03.6798700

Early stage venture capital fund. e-business, artificial intelligence, education, software, security and other subjects.

Tel Aviv
Apax Partners - 09.9586330

IT, Telecommunications, Healthcare, and Services.

AquAgro Fund - 03.7954111

Water, agriculture and clean technologies. Agro-biotechnology.

Tel Aviv
Aviv Venture Capital - 03.6114050

Communications, information technology, medical devices, materials engineering.

Tel Aviv
BRM Capital Advisors - 09.9549555

Internet infrastructure, software, communications.

Herzliya Pituah
Bessemer Venture Partners - 09.9721200

IT, biomedical companies, communications.

BioIncubator Fund -

Venture capital arm of Merck covering healthcare, life sciences, advanced materials and beyond.

Canaan Partners - 09.9715719

Digital media, communications, enterprise software and services, clean tech, healthcare, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics.

Catalyst - 03.6950666


Tel Aviv
Cedar Fund - 09.9577227

Telecommunications, networking, Internet infrastructure and enterprise software.

Clal Biotechnology Industries - 03.6075733

Biotechnology, biopharmaceutical companies.

Tel Aviv
Decima Ventures - 03.6094243


Tel Aviv
Disruptive AI - 09.37370067

Venture capital for early-stage investments in artifical intelligence (AI) startups.

Diversified Israeli Tech Industry -

Israeli Power in Diversity Initiative is a bottom-up organization of over 30 Israeli VC firms coming together to promote diversity and equal opportunities in the start-up industry in Israel.

Earth & Beyond Ventures -

Pre-seed stage investor focused on cutting-edge deep-technology innovations with dual earth & space applications​

Elron Ventures - 03.6075555

Medical devices, cyber. Usually invest in the idea / R&D stage.

Tel Aviv
Entree Capital - 03.4672123

Seed stage investor.

Environmental Sustainability Innovation Lab (ESIL) -

partnership of Bazan Group, EDF Renewables, and Johnson Matthey looking for green technology startups.

ExitValley - 03.5602010

An equity-based crowdfunding platform for investing in startups and small businesses. The platform enables Israeli entrepreneurs to raise money by allowing everyone to invest in their companies in consideration for shares.

Tel Aviv
FIMI Investment Fund - 03.5652244

Textile, software, consumer electronics, power generation, communication, automotive, food and plastics industries.

Tel Aviv
GO innovation - 04.7799729

Medical tech incubator for early-stage start-ups in the healthcare industry. Personalized medical devices. Telemedicine.

Gemini Israel Funds - 09.9584842

IT, Communications, Semiconductors, Industrial Equipment, and Medical Technology.

GlenRock - 03.9701800

Life sciences, pharmaceuticals, medical devices. Software, electronics, communications.

Glilot Capital Partners - 073.7055753

Startups that specialize in enterprise software and cybersecurity.

Herzliya Pituah
Greensoil Investments - 09.7887011

Agro-technology, aquaculture, nutrition, food industry.

Grove Ventures - 03.5406060

Early stage companies.

Tel Aviv
Heifetz Technologies - 02.6527712

Software, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, communications, internet, hardware.

Intel Capital Israel -

Software, Data Center, Cloud & IT Infrastructure, and Perceptual Computing opportunities in Israel.

Tel Aviv
Israel Biotech Fund - 072.2514175

Investment exclusively in Biotech companies developing drugs at or near clinical stages.

Jerusalem Global Ventures - 02.5722222

Communications infrastructure technology, wireless data, optical systems and components. Medical devices and biotechnology.

Jerusalem Venture Partners - 02.6409000

Enterprise software, semiconductors, materials, communications.

Kreos Capital - 09.9514434

Communications, semiconductors, healthcare.

Herzliya Pituah
Lightspeed Venture Partners - 09.9561634

E-commerce, Cloud solutions, networking, software.

Magma Venture Partners - 03.6967285

Early stage communication and semiconductor technology .

Tel Aviv
Medica Venture Partners - 09.9601900

Medical devices and bio-pharma technology.

Millennium Materials Technologies Fund - 03.6439986

Advanced materials, industrial processes, chemicals, bio electronics materials and materials for life sciences.

Tel Aviv
MoreVC - 073.3744765

Energy, Mobility, Food and agriculture, Logistics, Cyber, Materials, IoT, AI

Next Gear Ventures -

Early-stage venture capital fund for smart mobility technologies.

Tel Aviv
North First Ventures -

Educational software, internet and cloud technologies.

Tel Aviv
OurCrowd -

Equity crowdfunding platform for investing in global startups. OurNetwork is designed to help multinational companies support, collaborate and invest in startups.

Tel Aviv
Pangea - 08.9340278

Service company that specializes in obtaining and managing public funding for technological research and development.

Mazkeret Batya
Peregrine Ventures - 03.6349990

Early stage high-tech companies with emphasis in life sciences, telecommunications, information technology, clean tech and energy.

Or Yehuda
Pitango Venture Capital - 09.9718100

Telecommunication, data communications, semiconductors, Internet infrastructure, medical devices and biotechnology.

RDC - Rafael Development Corporation - 03.6075504

Semiconductor equipment, medical equipment, communications.

Tel Aviv
Rad-BioMed Accelerator - 03.7684944

Evergreen family fund that invests in early-stage BioMed startups.

Tel Aviv
Sanara Ventures - 076.8899800

Healthcare ecosystem. Digital health. Biotechnology.

Shavit Capital Fund - 02.6490400

Equity fund investing primarily in Israeli companies traded in international markets.

Spring Ventures - 04.7799729

Early stage business-to-business Software as a Service (SaaS).

Tel Aviv
StageOne Ventures - 03.7100140

Telecommunications technologies, QOS/VPN/CDN, OSS-NMS, mobile datacom and 3G, multimedia streaming, optical networking, system- on-chip, LAN WAN servers, and storage networking.

Tel Aviv
Star Ventures - 09.9512888

Communications, enterprise software, internet, medical devices and software.

Herzliya Pituah
TARGET Group - 052.6838396

Health-care, agriculture, artificial intelligence.

Tamir Fishman Ventures - 03.6849333

Communications, Software, Internet.

Tel Aviv
Terra Venture Partners - 02.5670126

Renewable energy, alternative fuels and energy efficiency. Water related technologies such as water purification.

Teuza Venture Capital Fund - 04.8728788

Software, semiconductors, communications, electronics and medical equipment.

Vertex Ventures - 03.7378888

IT, communications hardware and software and semiconductors.

Tel Aviv
Vintage Venture Partners - 09.9548464

Global fund-of-funds investing into venture capital funds, secondary venture funds, and direct investment into late-stage technology companies.

Viola Group - 09.9720400

Technology oriented private equity investment group.

Xenia Venture Capital - 09.9575259

IT and medical devices.

Tel Aviv
hiCenter Ventures - 073.2223900

Early stage investment in technology based enterprises.


IT: Information Technology including software and multimedia