Israel Science and Technology Directory

Funds for Israeli Start-up Companies

Types of funds available for start-up companies and business ventures in Israel:

Source*Fields of activityMaximal Funding
Technological Incubator Program
Ministry of Industry and Trade
Electronics 25%
Medical 23%
Software, Computers 16%
Chemistry 13%
Machines 10%
Agriculture, Environment 6%
Miscellaneous 7%
$344,000 for two years
International R & D FundsSee linked page.Generally limited to less than $100,000 per year
Venture Capital FundsAll fieldsUp to millions of dollars.
Research Foundations in UniversitiesThese foundations are responsible for patenting, technology transfer and commercialization of technologies developed within their respective institutions.Variable
Other private or public fundsAll fieldsVariable

*The first three sources in the table are subsidized by government ministries.