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Alga Technologies - (972).8.6356425

Algae-derived products for nutraceutical and cosmetics industry. Astaxanthin, a red pigment carotenoid found in algae and aquatic animals that functions as an antioxidant (free-radical scavenger). Feed additive to impart coloration to salmon and trout.

Allium Medical - (972).4.6277166

Site-specific stents and stent delivery systems with applications in the urinary, gastrointestinal and respiratory tract for use in malignant and benign obstructions. Biliary stent. Prostatic stent. Ureteral stent.

Alomone Labs - (972).2.5872202

Molecular tools for the neuroscience community. Molecular tools for calcium, sodium and potassium channels, channel blockers, modulators, antibodies. Inhibitors for PKC, protein phosphatase, tyrosine kinase. Antibodies and toxins.

Aminolab - (972).8.9303333

Analytical and microbiological tests for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, chemical, biological, environmental and agricultural industries.

Nes Ziona
Anchiano Therapeutics - (972).2.5486555

Targeted therapy based on the identification of genes that are highly expressed only in tumors. The regulatory sequences of these genes (e.g. H19) are used to express a toxin gene exclusively within tumor cells, enabling targeted tumor-cell destruction.

Aposense - (972).73.239.7600

Aposense for PET, SPECT and MRI based clinical molecular imaging of apoptosis. Therapies based on the targeting of therapeutic agents to apoptosis inflicted tissues.

Petah Tikva
Applied Spectral Imaging - (972).4.6547567

Cytogenetics, automated spectral karyotyping, FISH probes and imaging. SKY displays chromosomes in unique colors, identifies chromosomal aberrations indicative of cancer, birth defects and genetic problems. Meta scan for Metaphase spreads.

Migdal HaEmek
Bio-Chem Ltd. - (972).72.2337710

Product and process development, GxP, validation, quality control services. Consultancy for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device companies, cosmetics and food industries.

Bio-Technology General Israel (BTG) - (972).8.8612020

Manufacturer of biopharmaceuticals based on genetic engineering employing both bacterial fermentation and mammalian cell culture technologies. Products include recombinant human growth hormone (somatropin for injection or hGH) and BioLon.

Kiryat Malachi
BioLineRx - (972).2.5489100

Drug development company. Development of novel compounds for the treatment of neurological disorders including schizophrenia, neurodegenerative disease and cancer.

BioMarCare Technologies - (972).2.5722030

Cancer diagnostics using a cluster of high value tumor biomarkers for early detection, prognosis and monitoring of cancer. Colon MarCarePlex, a multiple nucleic acid biomarker blood test for colorectal cancer (CRC). Immuno-detection of cancerous state.

Bioforum - (972).8.9313070

Clinical data managment. Biostatistics. Clinical programing. Medical writing.

Nes Ziona
Biokine Therapeutics - (972).8.9301015

Drugs to treat inflammatory diseases and cancer by targeting immune and tumor cell migration, via chemokines. BKT104 targeting production of TNF-Alfa. BKT140, a CXCR4 chemokine receptor antagonist for treatment of tumor growth and metastasis.

Biological Industries - (972).4.9960595

Animal cell culture products, serum-free media and serum substitutes, human cytogenetics products. Distributor of imported chemicals, biochemicals and molecular biology products.

Beit Haemek
Biondvax - (972).3.5477668

Development of universal multi-season / multi-strain, intranasal flu vaccine. Technology utilizes a combination of conserved epitopes derived from the influenza virus possessing strong immunogenic capabilities.

Ramat Hasharon
Biopharmax - (972).9.9716111

Turnkey design and construction of pharmaceutical and biotechnological (API) plants. HVAC and clean rooms, sterile and aseptic filling and packaging lines, Cleaning-in-place and sterilization-in-place (CIP/SIP). Systems comply with USP and EU standards.

BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics - (972).3.9236384

Cell therapeutic products, NurOwn, for treatment of neurological diseases. Developing NTF cells from the patient's own bone marrow to treat Parkinson, ALS, and spinal cord injury.

Petah Tikva
CarboFix Orthopedics - (972).9.9511511

Expandable Fixion Intramedullary Nailing Systems for fracture fixation. Expandable B-Twin Spinal System for use in lumbar spinal fusion. Quantum carbon fiber reinforced composite material for the treatment of fractures of the long bones.

Comply - (972).7.22124400

Skyline, a data management software platform to manage and analyze Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Biotechnology process information from conception to manufacturing and clinical applications. Generica QMS for Life Sciences is an integrated and fully customizable Quality Management System. Extensive experience with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Kfar Malal
CooperVision - (972).4.9955610

Manufacturer of contact lenses, lens solutions and accessories. Multifocal, toric, therapeutic, cosmetic, prosthetic, disposable and gas permeable contact lenses. Colored lenses. Soft K Keratoconus lenses.

Coronis NeuroSciences - (972).8.9363600

Drugs for neurocognitive and neurodegenerative disorders. CP201 for Cognitive Impairment Associated with Schizophrenia (CIAS).

Nes Ziona
DNR- Imaging Systems - (972).9.7798892

UV transilluminators, gel imaging systems.

Neve Yamin
Dexcel - (972).4.6364000

Manufacture of prescription, generic and over the counter (OTC) pharmaceutical products. Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antihistamine, anti-hypertensive, antidepressant, diuretic drugs. Multi-vitamin supplements. Oral contraceptive.

Dyn Diagnostics - (972).4.6175300

Medical diagnostics system for testing body fluids and cells utilizing a flow cytometer (FC). Kits for analysis of semen, IVF success prediction, hormone levels, genital infections, and immuno-infertility.

Elcam Medical - (972).4.6988120

Manufacturing of injection-molded plastic disposable medical devices for OEM use in critical care unit, I.V. sets, cardiovascular therapy and hemodialysis bloodline sets. Product lines include stopcocks, manifolds and needleless injection systems.

Epix Pharmaceuticals - (972).3.6128590

In silico drug discovery platform based on proprietary 3D computational chemistry technologies specializing on G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) to identify novel drug-like compounds that bind specifically to GPCR targets in affinity assays.

Fermentek - (972).2.5853953

Biologically active, natural products isolated from microorganisms. Products include A23187, actinomycin D, aflatoxin, anisomycin, cytochalasin, mycotoxins, inhibitors of protein kinases A, C, G, antibiotics, immunosuppressive agents, staurosporine.

Fischer Pharmaceuticals - (972).3.6772081

Ophthalmic, dermatological and skin-care preparations: Genesis Minerals sunscreens, shampoos, body lotions, Anti Acne Package, antiseptic wet tissues, Kamil Blue - Baby Skin Care products.

Tel Aviv
Foamix - (972).8.9316233

Foamix Foam and OILGEL platforms for topical dermatological drugs and cosmetics. DermaFoamix alcohol-free foam as a carrier for corticosteroids, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral drugs, local anesthetics, Anti-allergic agents, vitamins, sunscreen.

Formulex - (972).8.9403023

Solumer - Nanotechnology for drug re-engineering and production of water-soluble compounds. Soluble anti-cancer and anti-infective drugs, including Itraconazole, Azithromycin, Clarithomycin, Taxol, Cannabidiol in water based solutions.

Nes Ziona
Gadot Biochemical Industries - (972).4.8461555

Manufacturer of citric acid, citrates, food phosphate salts and various food ingredients.

Galil Genetic Analysis - (972).4.9007100

Medical genetics laboratory. Genetic testing for prenatal diagnosis. Screening to identify genetic compounds associated with personalized medicine. DNA testing for forensic purposes. Identification of chromosomal changes using CGH typegenetic chips.

Galil Medical - (972).4.909.3200

CryoHit cryo-therapy platform for treatment of liver, lung and bone cancer. FDA clearance for cancerous and benign conditions including thoracic surgery, gynecology, oncology and urology applications. Integrates with MRI for safety and efficacy.

Glycominds - (972).8.9181080

Biomarkers for autoimmune diseases using glycan molecules as probes via proprietary GlycoChip technology. IBD differential diagnosis (Chron's disease vs. Ulcerative colitis). Multiple sclerosis assay.

HY Laboratories - (972).8.9366475

Manufacturer and marketer of prepared media and microbiological diagnostic kits. Systems for the transport and storage of microorganisms, including salmonella, shigella, campylobacter, vibrio spp, pneumococci and anaerobic microorganisms.

Herbamed - (972).8.9409648

Manufacturer of nutraceuticals and food supplements. Products include: Prostacal alleviates symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia. FluVir an anti-influenza syrup.

IDenta - (972).8.9716873

Manufacturer of proprietary drugs-of-abuse forensic testing products. Drug-lab quality identification field kits (substance only) for the detection of marijuana, hashish, ecstasy, cocaine, crack and heroin. Suitable for use by police field units.

InSight Biopharmaceuticals - (972).8.9463032

Biogenerics, recombinant human proteins. Human Interferon alpha and beta, G-CSF (Filgrastim), GM-CSF (Molgramostim), Erythropoietin (EPO), Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH). Heparanase, anti-heparanase mAbs. Small molecule drug development.

Kamada - (972).8.9406472

Biopharmaceuticals. Specialty plasma derivatives, specific and general immune globulins produced using proprietary chromatographic separation and purification methods. Anticoagulant heparin and antagonist. Parenteral electrolyte solutions.

Lipogen - (972).54.4522355

Manufacturer of soy lecithin phosphatidylserine for neurological diseases and as dietary supplements for enhancing foods and beverages.

LunGuard - (972).8.6255888

Advanced enteral feeding equipment. Peristaltic Feeding Tube (PFT) that is capable of managing reflux, preventing pulmonary aspiration and is expected to significantly lower the occurrence of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) in ventilated patients.

LycoRed Natural Products - (972).8.6296994

Natural products based on the carotenoid antioxidant Lycopene extracted from tomatoes.

MIS Implants - (972).4.8227328

Manufacture of dental implants made of biocompatible Titanium alloy. Surface roughened for long-lasting osseointegration. Twist drills. Trephine burrs. Surgical tools. Prosthetic instruments. Osteotome set. MGUIDE virtual implant planning.

Maabarot Products - (972).9.8984104

Manufacturer of powdered food products for human consumption, pet foods and veterinary milk substitutes.

Marx Biotechnology - (972).52.6221662

Diagnostic kits for a variety of diseases. Early detection of Graft-versus-Host-Disease (GVHD).

Materna - (972).9.8984113

Materna baby food and milk products.

Mazor Robotics - (972).4.6187100

Mazor X - Core of the Surgical Assurance Platform for Spine Surgery. Utilizes precision mechanics and the surgical arm to guide tools and implants at the right trajectory and position according to the surgical plan in the surgical field.

Medgenics - (972).4.9028900

Biopump technology for global protein therapy made from patient's own dermal tissue and implanted to work inside patient's body, to produce and deliver the active protein steadily to treat the targeted disease. EPODURE in anemic patients.

MediWound - (972).77.9714100

Debrase Gel Dressing (DGD) enzymatic product used for the debridement of burn wounds. DGD dissolves the eschar within 4 hours of treatment providing a fast and safe alternative to surgery or non-surgical methods.

Meditec - (972).3.5555700

Manufacture, development, production, distribution and marketing of pharmaceuticals (Rx and OTC), special nutritional supplements and medical devices.

Bat Yam
Milouot Consortium - (972).4.9853292

Miloubar animal feeds. Milouof poultry growing, processing and marketing of poultry products.

NanoPass - (972).4.8605806

Painless microneedle devices for drug delivery and diagnostics. NanoPump - Low-cost, disposable, biocompatible product for controlled release of large molecules, including therapeutic proteins such as insulin, antibodies and vaccines.

Neurim Pharmaceuticals - (972).3.7684911

Small molecule drug research and development in the field of central nervous system (CNS) disorders. Circadin- prolonged-release melatonin.

Tel Aviv
Nordson MEDICAL - (972).4.6738600

Urinary tract stone retrieval and entrapping devices. Medical devices based on Nitinol Alloy (NiTi) characterized by super-elasticity and shape memory capabilities. Applications include urology, cardiology and surgical medical devices.

Novamed - (972).2.6781861

Immunodiagnostic kits. DipStreak and ChromoStreak for diagnosis of urinary tract infections. NovaStreak for detection of microorganisms in food and dairy products. Uni-Sep for lymphocyte isolation. Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Coated Plastic Ware.

NovellusDx - (972).2.5001100

Technology that identifies tumor specific driver mutations based on a functional assay that detects disregulated translocation of mutated signaling proteins to the nucleus. Assay can measure impact of a drug on a specific tumor.

Novetide - (972).4.8469400

Peptide based active pharmaceutical ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry. Calcium regulators, calcitonin, Parathyroid Hormone. Vasopressin analog Desmopressin. Somatostatin. LHRH analogs Leuprolide, Goserelin, Buserelin, Triptorelin.

NutriGal - (972).4.6375907

NutriMore: soy protein and fiber fraction from Non GMO soy beans; used in baked goods. NutriFree+: Gluten free soy protein and fiber fraction; used in GLUTEN FREE FOODS to replace simple carbohydrates. NutriTex for snack foods and as additives.

Oxitone - (972).9.8346731

Wrist pulse oximeter without fingertip probe. Provides SpO2 and pulse rate readings from wrist. Application monitoring patients with heart disease and epilepsy.

Kfar Saba
Patho-Lab Diagnostics - (972).8.9407319

Laboratory services for histopathology and cytopathology. Processing and interpretation of biopsies, operative specimens, fine needle aspirations (FNA) and cytological preparations. Gynecologic PAP smears. Complies with Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

Nes Ziona
Pepticom - (972).54.9554990

Design of novel peptide drug candidates by artificial intelligence based on the 3D structure of the target protein. The company designs Linear peptides, Helical peptides, Cyclic peptides with high serum stability and D-PEP – Peptides with D-amino-acids which are less susceptible to proteolytic cleavage.

Perrigo Israel Pharmaceuticals - (972).3.5773700

Manufacturer of a wide range of products including cardiovascular and dermatological pharmaceuticals, antibiotics, Ethical topical pharmaceuticals. Formerly Agis.

Bnei Brak
Pharmaseed - (972).08.9302771

GLP-compliant contract research organization (CRO) that provides early-stage discovery, pre-clinical, early-development services for small and medium-size start-ups. In vivo studies conducted in-house laboratory and animal facilities.

Nes Ziona
ProCore Bio Med - (972).8.9303000

Biomaterials, Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and fibrinogen based hydrogels useful for clinical applications. Proprietary growth factors with enhanced selectivity and biological activity. Stem and progenitor cell isolation, expansion and differentiation.

Nes Ziona
ProSpec-Tany TechnoGene - (972).8.9471175

Bulk production of E. coli-derived recombinant human cytokines and growth factors as well as monoclonal anti-cytokine and chemokine antibodies.

Pronto Diagnostics - (972).73.212.6155

Molecular diagnostics and research services including: Next generation DNA sequencing, identification of unknown genetic polymorphisms, pharmacogenetic testing, epigenetics. Pronto Diagnostic Kits for detecting polymorphisms in DNA sequences associated with genetic diseases such as Cystic Fibrosis.

Tel Aviv
Protalix - (972).4.9028100

Proprietary plant cell culture and bioreactor system for efficient, large-scale production of complex human therapeutic proteins, monoclonal antibodies, Glucocerebrosidase enzyme replacement for Gaucher's Disease and other recombinant proteins.

Quark Pharmaceuticals - (972).8.9305111

Genomics-based drug discovery and development. BiFAR platform for bioinformatics-based target gene selection. Current focus on cancer, fibrotic diseases, ischemic diseases, brain disorders, bone and cartilage disorders, diabetes.

Nes Ziona
Rafa Laboratories - (972).2.5893939

Manufacturer of Over-the-Counter medicines (OTC), generic drugs, antibiotics, etc. Kalgaron for sore throat relief. Fluconazole and lansoprazole. Drugs for diseases of the digestive tract and treatment of pain.

Rakuto Kasei - (972).4.9594041

Enzymes for the textile, food, animal feed industries. Products include acid and neutral cellulase, alfa amylase, catalase, lipase, pectinase, protease. Microbial rennet milk clotting enzyme.

RedHill Biopharma - (972).3.5413131

Development of late clinical-stage, proprietary drugs for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. Drugs under development include oral combination therapy for Helicobacter pylori infection, Crohn's disease, acute gastroenteritis and gastritis.

Tel Aviv
Regentis Biomaterials - (972).4.6265502

Biodegradable hydrogels for local repair of damaged cartilage and bone. Gelrin for restoration of normal joint function by regenerating hyaline cartilage and void filling matrix for bone regeneration designed to be used in osseous injuries.

Or Akiva
Rotem Industries - (972).8.6568300

Portable survey meters for alpha, beta and gamma radiation, hydrazine, stable isotopes (O-18), sapphire domes and windows, radioactive products for nuclear medicine, radiopharmaceuticals, labeling services.

SLP - (972).3.5371281

Manufacturer of devices for sleep disorder diagnostics. SleepStrip - sleep apnea screener. Respiratory effort sensors, reusable or disposable airflow sensors, motion detection sensors, body position sensors, snoring detection sensors.

Tel Aviv
Savion Industries - (972).8.8565959

Manufacturer of medical furniture. Over 100 models of hospital beds, stretchers and trolleys, for intensive care, emergency/casualty, maternity, geriatrics, orthopedic, internal, pediatric and home care.

Savyon Diagnostics - (972).8.8562920

In vitro medical diagnostics testing for sexually transmitted diseases (e.g., Chlamydia), viral diseases, urinary and respiratory infections.

Shahak Diamond Tools - (972).9.7461972

Sintered diamond instruments for dental laboratories designed for grinding, cutting and polishing precious, semi-precious and non-precious metals and Titanium. Instruments for use on porcelain, acrylic and gypsum.

Sight Diagnostics - (972).

OLO - Instrument for complete blood count (CBC). Parasight - Quick and accurate detection of malaria using digital fluorescent microscopy and computer vision algorithms.

Sigma-Aldrich Israel - (972).8.9484222

Broadest range of biochemicals, organic chemicals, chromatography products and diagnostic reagents.

Smart Assays - (972).77.3001087

Research and development services in the fields of biochemistry and histology. Cell free and cell based assay development. High Throughput Screening HTS format. Custom histological service starting from tissue collection to histopathological evaluation.

Nes Ziona
Sol-Gel Technologies - (972).8.9313433

Sol-gel nanotechnology for encapsulation of active ingredients in nano size glass (silica) matrices and nanospheres. UV-Pearls safe and inert sunscreen and cosmetics. Acti-Pearls benzoyl peroxide antibacterial acne medication without irritation.

Nes Ziona
Syntezza - (972).2.5867138

Products for molecular biology research with DNA synthesis facility in Jerusalem to produce custom oligos. Kits for Real-Time PCR, custom probes, siRNA, peptides, antibodies and more.

Tagra Biotechnologies - (972).9.8656454

Microencapsulated vitamins A, E and F suitable for cosmetic formulations providing increased stability of active principles. Microencapsulated natural oils. Stable derivatives of vitamin C.

Taro Pharmaceutical Industries - (972).9.9711800

Pharmaceutical company with a wide range of products, from over-the-counter analgesics and vitamins to injectable anti-cancer drugs.

Tarom - (972).3.9214145

Distributor of diagnostics and laboratory systems, hygiene and food testing biomedical products in Israel.

Petah Tikva
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries - (972).3.9267267

Global pharmaceutical company specializing in the development, production and marketing of generic and proprietary branded pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients. Copaxone for the treatment of Relapsing- Remitting Multiple Sclerosis.

Petah Tikva
Trima - (972).4.8982862

Over-the-counter pharmaceuticals. Dermatological preparations, creams and ointments. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) analgesics for rheumatology. Some example products: Acnetrim, Betacorten, Fungimon, Celcox, Diatrim, Dentix.

Tuttnauer - (972).2.6581611

Autoclaves, and sterilization equipment for the medical, dental, pharmaceutical, bio-technology, and surgical markets. Ultrasonic cleaning systems.

Unipharm - (972).3.6135050

Manufacture of branded generic drugs for cardiovascular medicine, neurology, psychiatry, gastroenterology, and macrolide antibiotics.

Tel Aviv
Varcode - (972).9.8002000

Patented FreshCode label that triggers a value change in the displayed barcode as a result of temperature change. Barcode can be read by barcode reader and Android smartphones. FCMS Hand held barcode readers. Frozen or cold product monitoring.

Vascular Biogenics - (972).3.6346450

Products at pre-clinical stage for prevention of progression of atherosclerosis in patients. Gene therapies targeted to the vascular wall endothelial cells, for both cancer and ischemic disease applications.

Or Yehuda
XTL Biopharmaceuticals - (972).8.9304444

Novel therapeutics to treat life-threatening infectious diseases based on human monoclonal antibodies (hMAbs) and small molecule drugs. Developing anti-HBV and anti-HCV therapeutics.

Xenolith Medical - (972).54.5423774

XenX - prevents the common problem of migration of stone fragments during ureteroscopic lithotripsy. Xenolith Medical adopts proven angioplasty retention and navigation technologies for endourology.

Or Akiva