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Biomedical : Courses Online

Course TitleAuthor, Institute
Basic Histology GalleryEd Friedlander, Kansas City University
BioMedical InformaticsDoug Brutlag, Stanford University
Biochemistry OnlineHenry Jakubowski, Saint John’s University
Biology Flashcards and Quizlets,
Biology Lab Safety TutorialJoel Brind, Baruch College
Biology Project, University of Arizona
Botany onlineAlice Bergfeld, Rolf Bergmann, University of Hamburg
Brock Biology of Microorganisms,
Cardiovascular Pharmacology ConceptsRichard E. Klabunde, Marian University
Cardiovascular Physiology ConceptsRichard E. Klabunde, Marian University
Cell Biology EducationIJsbrand Kramer, University of Bordeaux
Cell Biology Laboratory ManualW. H. Heidcamp, Gustavus Adolphus College
Cells aliveJames A. Sullivan,
Computational Molecular BiologyDoug Brutlag, Stanford University
Crystallography 101Bernhard Rupp, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
DNA Learning Center, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Developmental biologyScott F. Gilbert, Swarthmore College
Electronic Textbook of DermatologyRhett Drugge, Heather A. Dunn, New York University
Engineering PhysiologyKarl H.E. Kroemer, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Enzyme TechnologyMartin Chaplin, London South Bank University
Fundamentals of MicrobiologyThomas M. Terry, University of Connecticut
Gel Electrophoresis of DNA and RNA, Colorado State University
Genomics and Computational BiologyGeorge Church, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
HistologyLutz Slomianka, University of Western Australia
Histology (Outstanding slides)David King, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Human Anatomy Online, INTELLIMED International
Intermediate GeneticsPhil McClean, North Dakota State University
Introduction to Human Anatomy/physiology, Alamo Colleges
Kimball's Biology PagesJohn W. Kimball, Tufts University
Laboratory Safety Course,
Medical BiochemistryMichael W. King, Indiana State University
Medical Histology and Virtual MicroscopyMatthew Velkey, University of Michigan
Microbial PhysiologyJeffrey Lawrence, University of Pittsburgh
Microbiology and Bacteriology, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Molecular and Cellular BiophysicsDavid Njus, Wayne State University
Molecular and Cellular ImmunologyGordon S. Rule, Carnegie Mellon University
On-Line Biology BookM.J. Farabee, Estrella Mountain Community College
On-line Textbook of Natural HistoryWayne P. Armstrong, Palomar College
Online Textbook of BacteriologyKenneth Todar, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Pathophysiology of the Digestive SystemR. A. Bowen, Colorado State University
Plant BiochemistryBob Houtz, University of Kentucky
Principles of Protein Structure, Comparative Protein Modelling and VisualisationNicolas Guex and Manuel C. Peitsch, GlaxoWellcome
Sex from Molecules to ElephantsMichael Brandeis,
The Visible Embryo,
Virology CoursesAlan Cann, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Whole Brain AtlasKeith A. Johnson, Harvard University