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2P2D Solutions - (972).52.6545558

CLINICAID telemedicine system dispenses personalized drug dosages designated for each specific patient and provides real-time monitoring of clinical trial participants. SlimPack for pharmaceutical packaging of solid oral-dose drugs.

3BY Ltd. - (972).4.9872332

Manufacturer of medical components, devices, specializing in plastic injection molding services and technical design. Products include disposable pumps, drug delivery devices, stopcocks, flow valves.

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Directory of companies that manufacture medical devices and systems.

Allium Medical - (972).4.6277166

Site-specific stents and stent delivery systems with applications in the urinary, gastrointestinal and respiratory tract for use in malignant and benign obstructions. Biliary stent. Prostatic stent. Ureteral stent.

Biometrix - (972).2.5861241

Manufacturer and distributor of disposable medical devices for critical and intensive care units in Israel. Catheter sets, blood pressure kits, intravenous administration lines, angiography introducers, guide wires, ophthalmic drapes.

CarboFix Orthopedics - (972).9.9511511

Expandable Fixion Intramedullary Nailing Systems for fracture fixation. Expandable B-Twin Spinal System for use in lumbar spinal fusion. Quantum carbon fiber reinforced composite material for the treatment of fractures of the long bones.

CardioDex - (972).4.6276664

EpiClose disposable device for closure of arterial access sites following cardiac catheterization procedures. Quick deployment based on inflation/deflation of balloon that accelerates hemostasis.

Elcam Medical - (972).4.6988120

Manufacturing of injection-molded plastic disposable medical devices for OEM use in critical care unit, I.V. sets, cardiovascular therapy and hemodialysis bloodline sets. Product lines include stopcocks, manifolds and needleless injection systems.

Galil Medical - (972).4.909.3200

CryoHit cryo-therapy platform for treatment of liver, lung and bone cancer. FDA clearance for cancerous and benign conditions including thoracic surgery, gynecology, oncology and urology applications. Integrates with MRI for safety and efficacy.

HDH Medical - (972).4.8490014

Hermetic Docking Head (HDH) vascular device, for suture-less open and laparoscopic surgical procedures that significantly enhance treatment of aortic and peripheral aneurysms, arterial occlusions and blood vessel traumas.

Lithotech Medical - (972).4.6738600

Urinary tract stone retrieval and entrapping devices. Medical devices based on Nitinol Alloy (NiTi) characterized by super-elasticity and shape memory capabilities. Applications include urology, cardiology and surgical medical devices.

Tel Aviv
LunGuard - (972).8.6255888

Advanced enteral feeding equipment. Peristaltic Feeding Tube (PFT) that is capable of managing reflux, preventing pulmonary aspiration and is expected to significantly lower the occurrence of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) in ventilated patients.

MIS Implants - (972).4.8227328

Manufacture of dental implants made of biocompatible Titanium alloy. Surface roughened for long-lasting osseointegration. Twist drills. Trephine burrs. Surgical tools. Prosthetic instruments. Osteotome set. MGUIDE virtual implant planning.

NLT SPINE - (972).3.6344514

Developer of non-linear technology platform for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MIS) products that enable large implants and instruments to be inserted through a small incision in the body. eSPIN discectomy tool. MIS lumbar interbody fusion procedure.

Kfar Sava
NiTi Surgical Solutions - (972).9.8603000

Surgical rings, clips and appliers as internal tissue-closure devices designed for treatment of colorectal, gastric and upper gastrointestinal disease requiring surgical anastomosis. Can be used in laparoscopic and open surgeries.

Oxitone - (972).9.8346731

Wrist pulse oximeter without fingertip probe. Provides SpO2 and pulse rate readings from wrist. Application monitoring patients with heart disease and epilepsy.

Kfar Saba
Rotem Industries - (972).8.6568300

Portable survey meters for alpha, beta and gamma radiation, hydrazine, stable isotopes (O-18), sapphire domes and windows, radioactive products for nuclear medicine, radiopharmaceuticals, labeling services.

SLP - (972).3.5371281

Manufacturer of devices for sleep disorder diagnostics. SleepStrip - sleep apnea screener. Respiratory effort sensors, reusable or disposable airflow sensors, motion detection sensors, body position sensors, snoring detection sensors.

Tel Aviv
Savion Industries - (972).8.8565959

Manufacturer of medical furniture. Over 100 models of hospital beds, stretchers and trolleys, for intensive care, emergency/casualty, maternity, geriatrics, orthopedic, internal, pediatric and home care.

Shahak Diamond Tools - (972).9.7461972

Sintered diamond instruments for dental laboratories designed for grinding, cutting and polishing precious, semi-precious and non-precious metals and Titanium. Instruments for use on porcelain, acrylic and gypsum.

Soflex Contact Lenses - (972).4.9955600

Manufacturer of contact lenses, lens solutions and accessories. Multifocal, toric, therapeutic, cosmetic, prosthetic, disposable and gas permeable contact lenses. Colored lenses. Soft K Keratoconus lenses.

Spring - (972).4.8550652

Medical devices for Continuous Subcutaneous Insulin Infusion (CSII) for people with diabetes. ADI Insulin Pump (with CE-Mark and FDA cleared).

Tirat Hacarmel
Tuttnauer - (972).2.6581611

Autoclaves, and sterilization equipment for the medical, dental, pharmaceutical, bio-technology, and surgical markets. Ultrasonic cleaning systems.

Vascular Technologies - (972).8.9301822

Vein Entry Indicator Device (VEID) for intravenous (IV) catheter insertion and spinal punctures. VEID includes a pressure sensor, a signal processor and indicator in a tiny unit that attaches to the end of IV cannula via disposable VEID Adapter.

Nes Ziona