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AID Genomics – (972).8.6290999

Digital pathology - automated device scans a biopsy sample, identifies cancer cells and extracts them into a test tube analysis using sensitive robots. Telegenetic solutions: bringing expert consultants to you quickly and effectively. Program to help quickly set up new molecular diagnostic clinical-grade Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) labs.

Aidoc – (972).

AI solutions for radiologists used by six largest medical centers in Israel. AI technology to analyze CT scans and automatically identify critical findings including cerebral hemorrhage, pulmonary embolism, stroke and C-spine fractures.

Tel Aviv
Aminolab – (972).8.9303333

Analytical and microbiological tests for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, chemical, biological, environmental and agricultural industries.

Nes Ziona
Applied Spectral Imaging – (972).4.6547567

Cytogenetics, automated spectral karyotyping, FISH probes and imaging. SKY displays chromosomes in unique colors, identifies chromosomal aberrations indicative of cancer, birth defects and genetic problems. Meta scan for Metaphase spreads.

Migdal HaEmek
Dyn Diagnostics – (972).4.6175300

Medical diagnostics system for testing body fluids and cells utilizing a flow cytometer (FC). Kits for analysis of semen, IVF success prediction, hormone levels, genital infections, and immuno-infertility.

Galil Genetic Analysis – (972).4.9007100

Medical genetics laboratory. Genetic testing for prenatal diagnosis. Screening to identify genetic compounds associated with personalized medicine. DNA testing for forensic purposes. Identification of chromosomal changes using CGH typegenetic chips.

MeMed – (972).4.8500302

MeMed BV™ - a pioneering test for distinguishing between bacterial and viral infections that relies on the most accurate detection system - the body's immune system. MeMed BV™ aims to support physicians in making better informed antibiotic treatment decisions

Tirat Carmel
Novamed – (972).2.6781861

Immunodiagnostic kits. DipStreak and ChromoStreak for diagnosis of urinary tract infections. NovaStreak for detection of microorganisms in food and dairy products. Uni-Sep for lymphocyte isolation. Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Coated Plastic Ware.

Pronto Diagnostics – (972).73.212.6155

Molecular diagnostics and research services including: Next generation DNA sequencing, identification of unknown genetic polymorphisms, pharmacogenetic testing, epigenetics. Pronto Diagnostic Kits for detecting polymorphisms in DNA sequences associated with genetic diseases such as Cystic Fibrosis.

Tel Aviv
Savyon Diagnostics – (972).8.8562920

In vitro medical diagnostics testing for sexually transmitted diseases (e.g., Chlamydia), viral diseases, urinary and respiratory infections.

Sight Diagnostics – (972).

OLO - Instrument for complete blood count (CBC). Parasight - Quick and accurate detection of malaria using digital fluorescent microscopy and computer vision algorithms.

Smart Assays – (972).77.3001087

Research and development services in the fields of biochemistry and histology. Cell free and cell based assay development. High Throughput Screening HTS format. Custom histological service starting from tissue collection to histopathological evaluation.

Nes Ziona
Virusight Diagnostic – (972).

Artificial Intelligence (AI) software that enables a 20-second COVID-19 diagnosis using SpectraLIT, a miniature spectrometer. Developed in a joint venture between Newsight and ARC@Sheba Medical Center.