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Definition of "activist": "A person who campaigns for some kind of social change".

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Achim (Brothers)052.6051461
Arachim - Jewish Values03.5793035
Association of Synagogues (Beit-Knesset)
Coordination Forum for Countering Antisemitism02.6242671
EISH-L - Eretz Israel SHelanu -
List of events edited by Prof. Arieh Zaritsky
Im Tirtzu - The Second Zionist Revolution072.2506235
Jewish Task Force
Liba Yehudit02.5806928
Matot Arim Blog
National Land Protection Trust (Regavim)02.6560303
Ne'emanei Torah Va'Avodah02.5611761
New Guardian (Hashomer Hahadash) Organization04.6886404
Rosh Yehudi03.5255355
Shaalei Torah074.7131313
Temple Mount Heritage Foundation
Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement02.6251112
Toldot Yeshurun - Russian-speaking Jewry02.5400005
Women for the Wall
Women in Green (Hebrew site)
Women in Green - Women for Israel's Tomorrow02.6249887
World Zionist Organization02.6202222
Yad Leachim03.5798383
Zionism without Cynicism054.4222075
Zionist Horizon