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Political Science

Public Policy Associations in Israel
Ad Kan02.5828188
Arab Alliance054.8730059
CECICitizen's Empowerment Center in Israel03.6438979
Forum Cafe Shapira054.5556037
Hope Ways: Alternative National Design
ICLAIsraeli Civic Leadership Association of Nonprofit and Voluntary Organizations072.2785421
Israeli Freedom Movement
Jabotinsky Order of Israel03.6950410
Keep Jerusalem02.5401231
KPFKohelet Policy Forum02.6312720
La'Or - for Constitutional Reform
Netsach Israel
Ogen - Association for struggle against corruption03.6122221
Ometz - Citizens for Good Government and Social Justice03.5605588
PSIProfessors for a Strong Israel
The Movement for Israeli Conservatism
The Movement for Meshilut and Democracy
MQGThe Movement for Quality Government in Israel02.5000073
Together – Vouch For Each Other
Connecting the Arab sector to the Israeli society
Transparency International -TI Israel

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