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Aliyah : Associations of Olim (new immigrants) in Israel

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OLEIAssociation of Latin-American Immigrants in Israel
Organizacion Latinoamericana, Espana y Portugal en Israel
HOBBritish Immigrants' Association
MIOCouncil of Immigrant Associations077.3300527
ESRAEnglish Speaking Residents Association - Volunteering together for the community09.9508371
Gvahim training and workshops for qualified olim from around the world03.5347538
NBNNefesh B'Nefesh - Aliyah from North America and from the United Kingdom1.212.734.2111
Other Olim organizations
Shavei Israel - Israel returns02.6256230
AmericaAACIAssociation of Americans and Canadians in Israel02.5661181
AmericaBeit Oleh America - Netanya AACI09.8330950
EgyptHSJEHistorical Society of Jews From Egypt
EthiopiaAssociation for Education and Social Integration of Ethiopian Jews in Israel072.2507400
EthiopiaIAEJIsrael Association for Ethiopian Jews02.6233316
EuropeAICEOAssociation of Israelis of Central European Origin
Vereinigung der Israelis mitteleuropaischer Herkunft
FranceAlef Ledoroth - Association Francophones en Israel02.6234114
FranceAIUAlliance Israelite
GeorgiaWCGJWorld Congress of Georgian Jews03.6204557
GermanyIDGIsraelisch-Deutsche Gesellschaft03.6806805
IndiaIndian Jewish Community in Israel050.2212409
KurdistanKurdish Jewry Organization02.6240850
LithuaniaAssociation of Jews from Vilna and its Vicinity in Israel03.5616706
LithuaniaAssociation of Lithuanian Jews in Israel03.6964812
MoroccoWorld Federation of Moroccan Jewry
NetherlandsIOHIrgoen Olei Holland03.5625611
RomaniaOrganization of Romanian Expatriates in Israel03.6121533
S. AfricaTelfed - South African Zionist Federation in Israel09.7446110
SyriaDamascus (Syria) Jewry Organization in Israel03.6881567
YemenHeritage of Yemenite Jewry09.8331325