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Jewish Studies : Midrasha programs

The word Midrasha (מדרשה) (plural form: Midrashot - מדרשות) has several meanings in Hebrew:

  1. Post high-school institution of Torah education for women. Sometimes called a "seminary" (סמינר).
  2. College or an institution of informal education.
  3. Field schools that organize seminars and nature field trips.

This table lists midrashot of the first type. To sort the list click a column heading.

Beit Midrash for Women - Migdal OzGush Etzion02.9934520
Matan - Women's Institute for Torah StudiesJerusalem02.5944555
Midrasha for WomenRamat-Gan03.5318270
Midrashet Ein HaNatzivEin HaNatziv04.6062900
Midreshet Beera Shel MiryamJerusalem050.4141632
Midreshet Beit ShoshanaTel Aviv03.7656005
Midreshet BinatShvut Rachel02.9947366
Midreshet HaRovaJerusalem02.6265999
Midreshet LindenbaumJerusalem02.6710043
Midreshet Lindenbaum - LodLod08.9912858
Midreshet MaamakimJerusalem02.6547210
Midreshet NetsarimBnei Netsarim (Negev)08.9924933
Midreshet NovNov04.6762594
Midreshet Or HaShemBeit Shemesh052.7672561
Midreshet OriaGivat Shmuel03.5326677
Midreshet Orot EtzionGivat Washington08.8511949
Midreshet ShaananHaifa04.6067571
Midreshet Tal ChaimYad Binyamin050.2007887
Midreshet Tal MenasheTal Menashe04.6350666
Midreshet TsofiaJerusalem073.2750652
Nishmat Center for Advanced Jewish Study for WomenJerusalem02.6404333