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Jewish Studies

Rabbinate Offices
Cemeteries and Burial Department02.5311174
Chief Rabbi - AshkenaziHaRav David Lau02.5313191
Chief Rabbi - SephardicHaRav Yitshak Yosef02.5313190
Chief Rabbinate of Tel AvivHaRav Yisrael Lau03.6938930
Conversion Authority
Conversion courses (Ulpaney Giur )
Department of Holy Sites02.6540303
Directory of Hevrot Kadisha in Israel
Eruv Department02.5311009
IDF Rabbinate
Kashrut Division02.5313126
Mikveh Division02.5311134
Ministry of Religious Services
Religious Councils02.5311024
Services for Ethiopian JewryHaRav Yosef Hadna03.5370616
Wedding related services02.5311031