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Official name:State of Israel (Hebrew: Medinat Yisrael - מדינת ישראל)
Capital:Jerusalem (Yerushalayim - ירושלים)
Language: Hebrew (Ivrit - עברית)
National symbols:
Time:Standard time: 2 hours ahead of GMT (GMT +2).
See Daylight-Saving time (DST) schedule
Phone system:Phone dialing codes, and directories
Currency:New Israeli Shekel (NIS) or shekel (שקל) for short.
One shekel=100 agorot (agora in singular).
Currency exchange rates: English, Hebrew
Power supply:220 volts at 50 Hertz. Three pin sockets also match double-pin European electrical appliance plugs.

2021 – Israel was ranked as the 11th happiest country in the world in the latest World Happiness Report.

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