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Israel : Menorah - Emblem of the State of Israel

History: The national emblem of the State of Israel includes a seven branched-candelabrum, called Menorah, flanked by two olive branches. The stylized image of the Menorah that appears below was adopted as the emblem of Israel by the decision of The Provisional Council of State on 11 Shevat 5709 (10 February 1949). The Bible (Exodus) includes specifications for the design of the Menorah to be placed in the Temple. Menorah has been used as one of the oldest Jewish symbols that appeared on coins, and on the walls and floors of synagogues. After the destruction of the Temple by the Romans, the Menorah was transported to Rome. A stone relief in the Triumphal Arch of Titus in Rome depicts the parade that carried the Menorah in the streets of Rome. There is a controversy whether the Menorah pictured in this relief reflects accurately the shape of the Menorah that was in the Temple. For further historical information see Israel Foreign Ministry site.

NOTE: By Israeli law, the official Menorah symbol of the State of Israel can only be displayed in official governmental sites. If you wish to use a symbol for Israel in your web site, please use the flag of Israel.

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Temple Menorah StampAt different archaeological excavations images of menorah have been found in mosaics. On January 9, 2012 a Temple Menorah Stamp was found in excavations near northern city Akko. The stamp was probably used to identify baked products.

Article on the discovery of the Temple Menorah Stamp in Akko