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Aliyah : related Government Agencies

Agence Juive Pour Israel in France800.916.647
Agencia Judia para Israel Delegacion Latinoamericana (Spanish)
Agência Judaica Portugues
Immigrant AbsorptionCenter for Absorption in Science
Immigrant AbsorptionChief scientist02.6752795
FinanceCustoms Guide for Oleh and Returning Resident
Information for Returning Residents972.3.9733333
Immigrant AbsorptionIsrael Students Authority02.6242125
AliyahIsraelis Overseas
Jewish Agency Absorption Centers
Jewish Agency Global Service Center (open 22hr every day)
Jewish Agency for Israel - Australia, New Zealand61.3.9272.5688
Jewish Agency for Israel - English1.866.835.0430
Jewish Agency for Israel - First steps to making Aliyah800.996.886
Jewish Agency for Israel - Hebrew1.800.228.055
Jewish Agency for Israel - UK - London20.8371.5250
Jewish Agency for Israel - Ukraine, Kiev (Russian)
Immigrant AbsorptionMinistry of Immigrant Absorption02.6752691
Youth Aliyah (Noar Oleh Lifnei Horim)