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Social Science Associations
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Al-Sam Anti Drug Abuse Association03.5462076
Efshar - Israel Association of Social Educators02.6728905
Emunah - Movement of the National Religious Women03.6179200
Freemasons of Israel03.6954218
Gesher Educational Foundation to bridge the gaps in the Israeli society02.6241015
Israel Association for Feminist and Gender Studies02.6717699
Israel Association for the Study of Group and Organizational Processes02.5322132
IACCIsrael Association of Community Centers (Matnasim, Hebrew)02.6756901
IAGSSHIsrael Association of Graduates in the Social Sciences and Humanities03.5254487
Israel Association of Organizational Development03.6390408
Israel Association of Social Workers03.6921180
IIRRAIsrael Industrial Relations Research Association03.5757866
ISSIsrael Sociological Society03.9634492
IAAIsraeli Anthropological Association
Israeli Center for Cult Victims03.6708811
AMCHAIsraeli Centers for Holocaust Survivors and the Second Generation02.6250634
Israeli Society for Humor Studies
Lions Israel
Magen center for the handicapped in the ultra-Orthodox community02.6222188
Naamat - Socio-political women's movement03.6921936
SHALEMNational Service for Adult Volunteering03.7600145
Rotary Israel04.8246885
Ruach Tova - Association to promote Volunteer (Mitnadvim) activities03.5436888
Together – Vouch For Each Other
Connecting the Arab sector to the Israeli society
MACHARUnion of Academics in Social Sciences and Humanities
Branch of General Union of Workers (Histadrut)
Variety Israel03.6447201

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