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Social Sciences

Departments of Social Sciences
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Ariel UniversityDepartment of Criminology03.9765744
Ariel UniversitySchool of Social Work03.9066360
Bar-Ilan UniversityDepartment of Criminology03.5318221
Bar-Ilan UniversityDepartment of Sociology and Anthropology03.5318376
Bar-Ilan UniversitySchool of Social Work03.5317736
Ben Gurion UniversityDepartment of Social Work08.6472331
Ben Gurion UniversityDepartment of Sociology and Anthropology08.6472042
Hebrew UniversityDepartment of Sociology and Anthropology02.5883048
Hebrew UniversitySchool of Social Work and Social Welfare02.5882205
Tel Aviv UniversityDepartment of Sociology and Anthropology03.6409734
Tel Aviv UniversitySchool of Social Work03.6409410
University of HaifaDepartment of Human Services04.8249180
University of HaifaDepartment of Sociology and Anthropology04.8249506
University of HaifaFaculty of Social Sciences04.8240331
University of HaifaSchool of Criminology04.8288991
University of HaifaSchool of Social Work04.8249543

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