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Content typeAbbreviationDatabase
DirectorySociosite: Social Science Information System
DirectoryYale University Government Documents and Information
DiverseISDCIsrael Social Sciences Data Center
GlossaryGlossary of Acronyms and Terminology used in the Social Enterprise Sector
HistoryArchive of the Jewish Aliya Movement in the USSR (1967-1989)
HistoryJabotinsky Institute Archives
Journal abstractsFamily Facts: Social science findings on the family, society and religion
Journal abstractsSSRNSocial Science Research Network
StatisticsIsrael Household Statistics
StatisticsIsrael Immigration Statistics
StatisticsIsrael Living Conditions Statistics
StatisticsIsrael Population Statistics
StatisticsIsrael Public Order and Crime Statistics
StatisticsIsrael Welfare Statistics
StatisticsMashav - Statistical Database on the Elderly Population of Israel
StatisticsStatistical Yearbooks of Jerusalem
StatisticsStatistics of Immigration to Israel