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IGDCIsrael Gerontological Data Center
DirectoryDatabase on legal rights, services, health and welfare for families raising children with special needs
DirectorySociosite: Social Science Information System
DirectoryYale University Government Documents and Information
DiverseISDCIsrael Social Sciences Data Center
GlossarySocial enterprise terminology
HistoryArchive of the Jewish Aliya Movement in the USSR (1967-1989)
HistoryJabotinsky Institute Archives
Journal abstractsSSRNSocial Science Research Network eLibrary of research papers
StatisticsIsrael Population Statistics
StatisticsIsrael Welfare Statistics
StatisticsMashav - Statistical Database on the Elderly Population of Israel
StatisticsStatistical Yearbooks of Jerusalem
StatisticsStatistics of Immigration to Israel
StatisticsSHARESurvey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe
StatisticsU.S. Families - Statistics and Facts