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Agriculture Associations
Association for Cattle Insurance and Veterinary Services04.6279600
Association of Field Crop Farmers (Falcha) in Israel09.9604080
Association of Poultry farmers03.6957265
Egg and Poultry Board of Israel03.6083232
Fish Breeders Association in Israel04.6065742
Good Food Institute Israel
HaShomer Yosh058.4660044
Hai-Meshek - Association for farm animals03.9516230
Israel Bio-Organic Agricultural Association03.7361097
Israel Cattle Breeders' Association04.6279700
Israel Cattle Breeders' Association (Hebrew)04.6279700
Israel Cotton Board09.9604000
Israel Dairy and Milk products Board (English)03.9564750
Israel Dairy and Milk products Board (Hebrew)03.9564750
Israel Date Growers Cooperative03.6389555
Israel Farmer's Federation03.6929915
Israel Farmers Association03.5620621
Israel Fruit Growers Association03.6966267
Israel Honey Production and Marketing Board03.5621515
Israel Landscape and Gardening Association09.7887800
Israel Longhorn Project
Israel Vegetable Growers Association03.6090050
Israeli Association for Rangeland Sciences
Israeli Orchid Society02.6585788
Plants Production and Marketing Board03.9595666
United Hatzala of Israel02.5002020
Wine Board of Israel03.5614416

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