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Banks in Israel
CodeBankPhoneSWIFT code
12Bank Hapoalim03.5673333POALILITXXX
10Bank Leumi LeIsrael03.5148111LUMIILITXXX
46Bank Massad03.5641333MASBILI1XXX
14Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal1.700.500.200OTSHILITXXX
52Bank Poaley Agudat Israel1.700.700052PAGIILITXXX
04Bank Yahav02.5009666BYAHILI1XXX
00Bank of Israel02.6552211ISRAILIJXXX
54Bank of Jerusalem02.6706211JERSILITXXX
31First International Bank of Israel03.5196111FIRBILITXXX
11Israel Discount Bank03.5145555IDBLILITXXX
17Mercantile Discount Bank*3477
20Mizrahi Tefahot Bank03.7559295MIZBILITXXX
18One Zero Digital Bank*6121DIGIILITXXX
Postal Bank of Israel Post02.5005303
13Union Bank of Israel03.5191111UNBKILITXXX
Foreign BanksSWIFT code
22Citibank N.A 03.6842400CITIILITXXX
39State Bank of India03.7565404SBINILITXXX
Mortgage Banks
91Bank Mishkan - Hapoalim Mortgage Bank1.800.800.700
90Discount Mortgage Bank03.7107333
Credit Card Companies
American Express03.6364422
Cal - Credit Cards Israel, Visa, Mastercard, Diners03.5726444
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