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Economics : Provident and Pension Funds in Israel

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Altshuler Shaham Group073.2331500
Clal Gemel03.7111110
Epsilon Investment House03.7450500
Excellence Nessuah Investment House03.7532000
Fund for Academics in Social Sciences03.5329063
Harel Gemel03.7549899
KSM - index-linked certificate (ILC) manager.
Machar Investment Fund for Academics and Engineers02.5009911
Malam Gemel03.5605400
Meitav Dash03.7903717
Meitav Investment House03.7778080
Menora Mivtachim Pension03.7107777
Mirvahim Investment House03.5669566
Phoenix Pension Savings03.7332222
Psagot Investment House03.7968888
Savings plan for each child02.5393700
Shoval Fund for Biochemists and Microbiologists03.6966077
Standard & Poor's Maalot rating03.7539700
Tamir Fishman Group03.6849333