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Government Ministries

List of ministers in the current 36th Government (since the foundation of the State). This cabinet was presented by the Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on June 13, 2021.
List of previous governments

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Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentForer, Odedישראל ביתנו
Alternate Prime MinisterLapid, Yairיש עתיד
CommunicationsHendel, Yoazתקווה חדשה
Community AffairsBennett, Naftaliימינה
Construction and HousingElkin, Ze'evתקווה חדשה
Culture and SportTropper, Yehielכחול לבן
DefenseGantz, Benjaminכחול לבן
Development of the Periphery, Negev, and GalilForer, Odedישראל ביתנו
Diaspora AffairsShai, Nachman
Economy and IndustryBarbivay, Ornaיש עתיד
EducationShasha-Biton, Yifatתקווה חדשה
EnergyElharrar, Karineיש עתיד
Environmental ProtectionZandberg, Tamarמרצ
FinanceLiberman, Avigdorישראל ביתנו
Foreign AffairsLapid, Yairיש עתיד
HealthHorowitz, Nitzanמרצ
Immigration and AbsorptionTamanu, Peninaכחול לבן
IntelligenceStern, Elazarיש עתיד
InteriorShaked, Ayeletימינה
Jerusalem Affairs and HeritageElkin, Ze'evתקווה חדשה
JusticeSa'ar, Gideonתקווה חדשה
Labor, Social Affairs and Social ServicesCohen, Meirיש עתיד
Liaison Between the Knesset and GovernmentElkin, Ze'evתקווה חדשה
Prime MinisterBennett, Naftaliימינה
Public SecurityBarlev, Omerהעבודה הישראלית
Regional CooperationFrej, Esawiמרצ
Religious ServicesKahana, Matanימינה
Science and TechnologyFarkash-Hacohen, Oritכחול לבן
Social Equality and PensionersCohen, Meiravיש עתיד
TourismRazvozov, Yoelיש עתיד
Transportation and Road SafetyMichaeli, Meravהעבודה הישראלית

Note: * Ministry of Energy was called Ministry of National Infrastructures prior to 2012.