Moshe Hanukoglu

Documents related to courses in computer sciences and mathematics

I prepared the documents below based on the lectures in my undergraduate studies in Computer Sciences and Mathematics.

Course nameDocument description
Probability (הסתברות)Definitions, rules and equations
Infi-2 (אינפי 2)Improper integrals, series and functions of several variables
(מבנה נתונים)
Complexity and explanation of data-structures
Definitions for graph theory
(הגדרות בגרפים)
Definitions and rules for graph theory
Automata and formal languages 1
(אוטומטים ושפות פורמליות 1)
Summary pages for Automata and formal languages
Networks (תקשורת)Definitions and explanations for Network components and their functions
Neural computation
(נוירו חישוביות)
Definitions and basic models for neural networks and deep learning
Deep learningDeep learning documents menu
Algorithms-2 (אלגוריתמים 2)Summary pages for algorithms-2
Data compression A
(דחיסת נתונים א)
Summary pages for Data compression-A