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Physics : Conferences in Israel

International Conference on Precision Physics of Simple Atomic SystemsJerusalem2016-05-27
26th International Linear Accelerator ConferenceTel Aviv2012-09-09
Applications of Gauge-Gravity DualityHaifa2012-06-03
Workshop on The Physics and Evolution of Active Black HolesHaifa2012-05-28
Workshop on Statistical physics of granular and molecular systemsHaifa2012-05-13
26th Conference of the Nuclear SocietiesDead Sea2012-02-21
ISF Research Workshop on Random Matrices and Integrability: From Theory to ApplicationsYad Hashmona2009-03-25
18th International Conference on Particles and Nuclei (PANIC08)Eilat2008-11-09
International workshop on Modelling Anomalous Diffusion and RelaxationJerusalem2008-03-23
Newton in Pursuit of the Secrets of God and NatureJerusalem2007-06-17