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Language studies

International Associations
ACLAssociation for Computational Linguistics
EAMTEuropean Association for Machine Translation
IAFPAInternational Association for Forensic Phonetics and Acoustics
IAMTInternational Association for Machine Translation
IATISInternational Association for Translation and Intercultural Studies
AILAInternational Association of Applied Linguistics
IAFLInternational Association of Forensic Linguists
ICPLAInternational Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics Association
ICLAInternational Cognitive Linguistics Association
ILLAInternational Language and Law Association
IQLAInternational Quantitative Linguistics Association
ISLEInternational Society for the Linguistics of English
ISFLAInternational Systemic Functional Linguistics Association
NALNordic Association of Linguists
PALAPoetics and Linguistics Association

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