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ArchivesGnazim Institute Archive of the History of Hebrew Literature
ArticlesProject Ben-Yehuda - Hebrew literature (poetry and prose)
DictionaryEnglish and Hebrew dictionaries
DirectoryJewish Language Website
DirectoryLINGUIST List - online linguistic resource
Hebrew grammarלוחות נטיית הפועל
HistoryEliezer Ben-Yehuda - the first modern Hebrew Linguist
Reference2LetterLookup - Ancient Lexicons for Greek... Hebrew... Aramaic
ReferenceA Computational Approach to Biblical Hebrew Conjugation
ReferenceAncient Hebrew Alphabet Charts
ReferenceBalashon - Hebrew Language Detective
ReferenceConsonants and Vowels in the Hebrew Script
ReferenceCorpus of Spoken Israeli Hebrew
ReferenceEvolution of Alphabets
ReferenceEvolution of Human Languages
ReferenceHebrew Alphabet
ReferenceHebrew Cantillation Marks and Their Encoding
ReferenceHebrew Corpora (corpus: collection of texts)
ReferenceHistorical Dictionary of the Hebrew Language
ReferenceIdioms and Proverbs in Hebrew
ReferenceLanguage Codes
ReferenceLanguage Locale Codes and Codepages
ReferenceLanguages of Israel
ReferenceModern Hebrew Literature - a Bio-Bibliographical Lexicon
ReferenceSemantics of Ancient Hebrew Database
ReferenceWriting systems and Languages of the world
SoftwareHspell - Free Hebrew spell-checker project
StandardsUnicode character encoding standards