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Docking: Identification of the binding modes of a small molecule, or ligand, within a macromolecule, or receptor.

Online Software for Protein ligand binding
Online ToolDescription
3DLigandSiteAutomated method for the prediction of ligand binding sites in proteins.
DOCKSearch databases of ligands for compounds that bind a particular protein.
GRAMM-X Protein-Protein Docking Web ServerProvides predicted PDB models for docking of two proteins.
LigPlot+A program for automatic generation of 2D ligand-protein interaction diagrams.
Ligand-Protein Contacts (LPC)Analysis of inter-atomic contacts in ligand-protein complexes, and inter-atomic contacts in protein entries.
PatchDockMolecular docking algorithm based on shape complementarity principles.
Protein-Protein Interaction ServerHuman protein-protein interaction prediction.
SPOT-CBPCarbohydrate-binding Protein Prediction from 3D structure.
SPOT-ligandVirtual Ligand Screening based on Binding Homology from Protein 3D Structure.