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DECELL - (972).3.6443926

Traffic information and route guidance. Traffic data is collected by probing anonymous mobile handsets located within moving vehicles. AutoRoute1 provides to drivers recommended driving routes and expected travel times via cellular SMS, and WAP text.

Tel Aviv
Ituran - (972).3.5571333

Wireless tracking solutions. Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) technology based on terrestrial network triangulation and Differential Time of Arrival (DTOA) model. Fleet Management services combining DTOA with GPS.

Pixie - (972).

Attachment to objects for locating them. The Pixie App shows you exactly where your things are relative to you, it even guides you with accurate turn-by-turn directions so you can find them faster! Location of Things (LoT) technology platform. Baggage Claim App.

Tech360 - (972).54.4557151

OEM tracking systems to track vehicles, people and assets. Transportation fleet management systems. GPS-based vehicle tracking system. Fleet management software. Remote vehicle disabling systems. GALIL-PETRA personal tracking unit.

Rishon Lezion